Buy 3-mmc in Amsterdam

Koop 3-mmc in Amsterdam

Buy 3-mmc in Amsterdam

What is 3-MMC?

3-MMC is an NPS, which stands for New Psychoactive Substance. It is an amphetamine-like substance similar in action to 4-MMC (otherwise known as mephedrone or meow meow ). You can buy 3-33c in amsterdam from hemalchem

Very little is known about NPSs, also known as research chemicals . Often little or no research has been done and the long-term effects are therefore not yet known. Users are their own guinea pigs if they decide to use anyway.

Effects/function of 3-MMC

3-MMC has a stimulating effect and slightly alters consciousness. Users feel alert, euphoric and energized and they feel the need to connect and talk more. They also experience more self-confidence.

Physical effects of 3-MMC are: increase in blood pressure, increase in body temperature, stimulation and increased muscle tone, sweating, dry mouth, large pupils and grinding of teeth.

Side effects and risks

Relatively little is known about the risks of 3-MMC. The stated risks are based on user experience and incidents with the product. Users report: headaches, confusion, nausea, anxiety and paranoia. In addition, they experience a strong urge to take the drug again (craving). In the days after use, they sometimes feel down or depressed. This is also known as a ‘ Tuesday dip ‘. They can also suffer from palpitations, exhaustion, dehydration, overheating, muscle spasms. In addition, there are also known incidents in which the users suffered an epileptic fit, delirium or drug psychosis.

3-MMC and the law

As of October 28, 2021, 3-MMC is on List II of the Opium Act. That means that the possession, production and sale of 3-MMC are prohibited. This happened after an investigation by the CAM (Coordination Point for Assessment and Monitoring of New Drugs (CAM).

Learn more about 3-MMC

For more information, check out the information about 3-MMC on Unity’s website.  And the What are NPS, designer drugs or research chemicals page .

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